Hi Mario-


We had a fabulous week, probably the best ever. We really appreciate all of your improvements. It is amazing how much the grill was used, just moving it to the lower level. The changing room for the outdoor shower makes it much easier. I loved it! Everything looks so beautiful


We would like to reserve for next year for July 28 -August 4, 2018.


Suzanne & Gerry Harkins reserve Unit A

Linda Spuhler reserves Unit B


Mario, I just have one tiny request. If possible and you come across a larger table for Unit B, that would be great.

There use to be a table that would seat all of us. If not, no big deal, this is just a request. Thank you for all you do.

It truly feels like home away from home.


Have a wonderful summer. You work so hard and always with a smile. I hope you get some R & R at some point during the year.


God Bless,

Linda Spuhler